Sunday, August 11, 2019


The summer is zooming by, isn't it? I hope you are enjoying it, and that you have power and a/c when you need it. Its been a scorcher off and on for many of us around the globe. And there have been earthquakes in California this summer, but also in states that don't usually get them.

For most of July I was on the hunt for personal documents stored somewhere in my house. After coming up empty handed, I was lead to old boxes in my garage and what do you think I found? Fabric galore!

Some of the fabric I had forgotten about and some I had wondered about from time to time. I was thrilled. I also enjoyed looking through quilt show and guild paraphernalia, as well as materials from the talks and classes I used to present. It was a wonderful walk back in time through many phases of my life. It was really fun. Afterward, I tossed much of it out which was fun too!

Have you cleared  out any clutter packed away in your boxes any time lately? I have many more to go through myself. If you find yourself stuck, I recommend the book "Clearing Clutter is a Sacred Act."

The other unexpected event that occurred since I last blogged concerns my phone, a Galazy Note 5. I dropped it in water and it died. I lost everything on it. Fortunately I downloaded photos to my computer from time to time so some were saved.  I will have to take photos of my sample fabric book again before I can share more of it with you.

In the meantime, I think you might enjoy seeing these tiny star blocks from the 1860s.

 They are 3.5" squares, all hand pieced. I bought them from a Massachusetts' quilt dealer many many moons ago. I love them, they are sweet, and made from a variety of printed cottons.

 I wonder, might they have been made by young school girls as practice blocks? Or by women in waiting? Or, come to think of it, maybe by boys, as there are no pink fabrics. What comes to your mind?

 All I know is that they would make an adorable doll quilt or wall hanging if stitched together.

SOLD (the first day ) I'm selling them for $45 today on my FB page Quilts for Sale Antique and Vintage. ( or use the link at top right of this page)

May August be creative and inspiring in all the ways that bring you joy. Happy creating my friends!


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  1. The Pink is for Girls and Blue is for Boys I think came later. They COULD have mad PURPLE is for boys, and Brown is for girls, couldn't they?

  2. Thanks for taking us into modern day QuiltGranma! Of course!! That said, I don't know if the blue and pink references came before or after the 1860s, but what comes to mind are the famous paintings, The Blue Boy and Pinkie. These were painted by different artists in the late 18th century. Maybe these spearheaded the trend unintentionally. I appreciate your commenting. :)

  3. I am the anonymous above, of course! I'm still getting to know the changes Blogger has made. :)


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