Saturday, July 13, 2019

My Fabric Swatchbook

Hello! I recently came across my swatch book I started  in the early 1990s. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of it.

I will begin at the beginning and show the first three pages here.

I wanted to make a reference for myself as I was learning about dating fabrics. But let's be honest, I also loved the fabrics and this was another way I could enjoy them.

I bought a gorgeous mustard yellow leather binder that is stored in it's own fabric covered box to begin. The pages are oversized rectangles and required special plastic pages that were archival.

Do you have a swatch book you've made? It wouldn't have to be dedicated to reproduction fabrics, it could any fabrics. Some people save the selvedges. I have...... somewhere.

What is yours like? What made you start it? What do you use it for?

I'll share more pages soon. Maybe you'd like to share yours here if you can post pics in the comments.

On my Quilts for Sale Antique & Vintage FaceBook page I put up 6 BAQ and Red & Green applique books this morning, as well as a rare early-mid 1800s quilt top. Here's a sneak peek

The entire top is made of tiny parallelograms forming railroad tracks!

I'd love to hear about your swatch book, or that this has inspired you to start one. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and I'll get back to you through the comments or my FB page.

May your summer be warm and lazy, filled with time to quilt and craft!

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  1. I have a swatch book somewhere, though not as organized as yours, except for the page you sent me so many years ago with some examples of chartreuse and a few other things. Pat Roth

    1. I'm a Virgo Pat; we catagorize, label and organize for fun! LOL I recall the swatch sheets you're referring to, so yummy! I guess that one was early 1800s? TFS.

  2. When I began collecting wool for making "penny rugs" etc. I wanted to have an idea what I had when I would go to a place that sold wool, so stapled small pieces to an index card as a guide for me so I could see what I did not have.

    1. Brillant idea! Plus its handy to keep in your glove compartment or to add to as you get new wools. I LOVE hand dyed wools, all wools really. I have a stash of those I collected during my rug hooking days. TFS about your swatchbook.


Your comments, questions and answers are welcome! It may take a little while for them to show on my blog - I like to see them first. Thanks for sharing.