Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Its another cloudy cool morning in southern California. In the coastal regions we call it June Gloom, a name that fits it perfectly. But I'm about 10 minutes inland in a mountain valley, and we never got  June Gloom or May Gray.  We arose to sunshine and warm temperatures nearly everyday of the year in years past. This season, the sun has not come out from behind clouds and mist until the afternoon. I miss the sunny warm mornings so much.

As usual, so much is going on with my work, I haven't posted any new pictures on my blog or FB selling page, but I have had time to read a blog post with great pictures of quilts through time.

Its from the Textile Arts Center in the UK, titled Quilting in America - A Brief History

It's an older piece, by Vanessa Parsons and briefly walks you through a path from palampores to Africa-American quiltmaking. Enjoy!

I am so enjoying reconnecting with quilt friends I haven't been in touch with for years. Please say hello if you want to on my FB page kimberly.wulfert.  Seldom did I view it or post and I declined friend requests because of my work. But now I am using FB for other things and thought "why not" make the most of my page. So if I know you or of you, I won't decline your friend request, in fact, I invite it! 

I send you blessings on your day, in your sewing room, and for your health.


My quilts, tops, new and old fabrics and all things quilt history are available now.    Or PM me through FB.

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