Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pictures from the Red & White Quilts Extravaganza Exhibit

Wow-  the exhibit  is as amazing as the promotional material said it would be! With many thanks to my girlfriend Tracy Jamar, we have pictures from her visit. Laura G. sent some links to other slide shows and newspaper articles. Thank you Laura.

Congratulations to the AFAM, Thinc, the exhibition company and Mrs. Rose , the collector of the 651 different ed and white quilts, for a one-of-a-kind quilt experience.

From Laura G.-
I saw the show today. You can see each of the quilts up close.
It was an incredible, phenomenal, stupendous show. Something tells me we are going to see many red and white quilts in the near future. Better buy your red broadcloth before it's all gone!!!

Martha Stewart's blog =

Alex Anderson's website = - on the main screen, look for the tab that says "Red and Whilte Quilts" it will send you to a slide show. - this is a lind to the apple website, where, if you have a mobile device (e.g. iphone, ipad, or android phone), you can download the app. NYTimes article shows the staff of Thinc setting up the exhibit plus a few photos of whole quilts


Kathie said...

This was the most incredible exhibit I have ever seen. I posted about it on my blog as well...

Scrapiana said...

That is stunning show. How I wish I could see it with my own eyes!

Sweetladyelaine said...

Just found your site...I have 2 blocks of my grandmother's crazy quilt and just had them framed at Michaels. You can go to my blog and see them. I love quilts and before I die it is my desire to make one. The ones you have shown are beautiful. thank you for sharing....
Blessings My Friend,

tbb5413 said...

I am very interested in any and all information
you can give me on the red and white celtic quilts.The significants of the colors. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Vickie

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