Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love is in the air...

Hi everyone!
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Do you feel  fear or resistance when you want to actually begin a new project? I know I do.  I feel it as I continue to work on an ongoing and important project too. It's easier to begin  if I'm in a classroom setting. I think that's because I can tell myself that this project doesn't really matter...it's just for practice. When I tell myself this in my studio it works too... if I believe it. 

Last month I delivered two public installation pieces that I had begun in the spring of 2010. They could have been completed in a few months but nagging fear of not being good enough to make what my mind's eye could see plagued me to the point of procrastination. I could sew, collage, write  and make other things no problem,  but these two quilts, flailed in the background looming very large on my conscience without touching ground. They were received with such joy and love, it was all worth it, but I would like to proceed in the future minus the fear and resulting guilt.

For those of you who might relate to what I'm talking about, there is a wonderful article on overcoming what might be stopping you. It's written by Lisa Sonora Beam. She's a San Francisco based  mixed media artist, workshop leader, and author on doing business as a predominantly right brained creative type or entrepreneur.

 "Why doing something new is scary - and how to begin" is the article. Take 2 minutes to read it then share your fear stories and tips on how you deal with it in the comment box below.

Are you wondering why I titled this post "Love is in the air...?" Most of you probably know there is a royal wedding coming up the end of April. I am excited about it. I can remember watching Princess Di getting married and feeling thrilled and envious of her, then. What a dress! What an entourage.. what a life. Needlesstosay it became a sobering situation as time went on. Both parties were forced into the wrong marriage. So very sad and a tragic outcome prevailed for her and her sons.

I want to support William at this time. Focusing my loving light filled energy on the couple and all involved  in giving the wedding  is how I will support them. It's the only way that I can. My imagination can do this and meditation. Would you like to support them too? Here's my suggestion. Leave a comment below describing the most beautiful wedding dress you can imagine and see Kate wearing it as she walks down the isle. Tell us about your vision in detail, the fabric, lines, shoes, jewelery, whatever it is that makes your heart fill with light and love as you think of her and the couple getting married.

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