Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for my Dog and you!

I wish you all could smell the banana bread baking in my oven. It's my special recipe. Baking is one of the creative endeavors I have really played with this year. I like tweaking recipes, not following them.  I've baked so much, for so many people, I have acquired a reputation. They hint for more as a show of support....yeah right.  Luckily I can give away most of the results because I find it relaxing to prepare baked goods and a delightful challenge to try out new ideas through food. Waiting for the goodie to bake is tough, so I read a good book and whiff in the smells.  I bake allot this time of year, as I'm sure many of you do too.

Tonight my husband and I along with many special friends are having a Gathering of Giving Thanks and Gratitude at the spiritual center we attend. Afterward, we meet for a dessert pot luck and my bread has a place reserved for it there.

This summer we held a Pet Blessing Ceremony in the same room where I am seen holding my dog, Faith, who is hard to see because she is all black except for her gray eyebrows and snout. It was quite a scene with about 45 dogs and cats (in their carriers) coming together to be individually blessed and honored. Aren't pet people the best people- or is that quilt people? Often they are one in the same, aren't they.

Faith nearly transitioned a year ago this month. She was very sick for many months. Using Reiki, prayer, crystals, change of food, lots of sleep and supplements, I and friends were able to pull her back from the edge. Today she is a young 12 going on 3. I kid you not! She is better than before. In retrospect, and a blood test, we think she had Lyme Disease. I wouldn't take her to a veterinarian when she was sick because I believed based on the experience with my dear cat Sage, that they would have strongly suggested I put her down; saying with authority that her chances of pulling through were slim. I didn't want this in my consciousness. And they would have done a bunch of tests had I said let's try, and I didn't want to see my dog go through that.

Faith told me with her eyes, as she couldn't move or walk hardly at all, to stay with her and give her my energy and love. So I did, night and day for a long while.  I sent her energy through my hands and my mind in meditation. Friends joined me in both forms of treatment. She was all I paid attention to throughout the holidays and into 2010.  In time I got her to walk, if only a partial block. My husband lifted her everywhere else. We have lots of stairs in our home. We built ramps for her where we could and put her food up higher when she could finally stand up to eat. I fed her from my hands for months.

In late March I met a family practice veterinarian, at a training conference on non-violent communication. She was wearing a sweater that looked like a giraffe's skin. A giraffe is a character in the training, but neither she nor I knew about that when we signed up. The point in telling you this, is that it was the pattern kitted into her sweater that drew me to speak to her out of many people there. She was an answer to my prayers for medical expertise. She is now a close friend and my dog is completely healthy.

She practices a new vein of veterinary medicine, referred to as Family Practice Veterinary Services. Dr. KaLee Pasek is now teaching this approach to Vet. med students at University of  California at Davis. It's wholistic and includes the family and environment. It reminds me of my work as a psychologist, in using a systems approach to diagnosis and treatment planning.

If you haven't read the comments posted to "Do you own your first sewing machine?" click here to warm your heart or post your own experience. I loved the responses that were shared. Thank you all- your love for your first machine came through your creative heart and mind. It's amazing to me how close we hold the memory. I do of my first machine too. It was the one I bought on time payments when I was in college. It was a Viking, made in Germany. Heavy metal and all that, but it was in a case and portable. And yes, I still have it.

It is wonderful to be sharing with you through the blog and emails. Thanksgiving is the time of year to say thank you, but I am grateful every day for all the blessings in my life. Those blessings I hold closest are the relationships I have will all beings on the planet. Yep- all beings around the globe. We are all one. Namaste and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and yours.


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Anne Copeland said...

I loved this story, Kim, and it is so like an experience I had with my old mini schnauzer, Spunky I, who transitioned last year the night before my birthday from a grand mal seizure. He never had them until he went to get a dental at a veterinarian's office. I am positive they gave him too much anesthesia, and also he was left alone all night there as I was unable to get back into town in time to get him from having to fo on business. I was so dismayed when I took him home and he didn't seem right at first, and as soon as he got home, he began having a series of grand mal seizures. I took him back in where he stayed all day, getting shot after shot. I sat there in total misery, wanting to take him home with me. Somehow I felt whatever they were doing was wrong, wrong, wrong, and that I could do better. When it came closing time, they wanted me to take him to the ER clinic, but I didn't want to and also I couldn't as I could not afford that. This little dental cleaning had already cost me about $500! So finally, insisting that he WAS my dog and that I wanted to take him home, had worked for a vet and knew what to do, they sent him home with me with more shots. I left the shot bag in the car, and propped pillows up around him on the floor to protect him from further seizures, and made myself sleep on the floor next to him. I had gotten up to make myself some green tea and was sipping it when he awoke and started to have one. I poured some of the green tea into a little dish, and as it was cool enough, gave him some. He managed to lap it up and then immediately went back to sleep. I gave him more green tea whenever he would wake up and start to shake, and this kept him sleeping and then when he woke up another time, I realized he had nothing to eat for nearly three days, so I gave him a little bit of cooked rice, which he promptly cleaned up and then went back to sleep. Toward morning he got up and staggered toward the back door, so I knew he had to take care of necessaries. I helped him out and held him up so he could take care of things, and then we came back in and he slept like a lamb the rest of the evening. In the morning we went back to the vet and he walked in on his own two feet. They couldn't believe it; they had believed when we left that he would likely transition during the night.

After that, my dogs all only got natural dental cleaning from a lady who comes to the house and uses no anesthesia. Spunky I is gone now and he is missed greatly. In that last short time before he passed, he looked up at me so sweetly and never took his eyes off of my face. He had the most loving look, and I know he was glad that he got to live longer because of my taking care of him during those early seizures.

Thank you for such a good article, Kim. It was just beautiful! Peace and many blessings, Annie

Anne Copeland said...

P.S. On the baking, check my article on cooking for Thanksgiving on my blog, Peace and many blessings, Annie

beat said...

Hi Anne,
Thanks for your nice Story. you are awesome Blogger, no doubt to say that. Oh I have also visited your too. you are A+ Grade.
Thanking you
Marc Bachelet

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