Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Closet Poet Quilter

Delaine sent her poem "Into My Journal" in response to my post yesterday. She writes- "Kim, writing has opened my heart to myself, I did not start writing until I was very ill with Chronic Fatigue, I attended a writing for healing group and the doors opened and I feel it was the beginning of my returning to a normal life."

                           Into My Journal
As I open my journal, I step into a secluded windowless cabin.
I shut the door and the world falls away
Light from the outside shines through tiny cracks
This room can be very shadowy, sometimes it’s cold and damp
This is my inner place I have to light the fire
I carry the wood and bank the flames.
I am the keeper of the fire; I must illuminate the space.
If the room is to be warm I must do the work.
I kindle the warm glow of memories to light my way.
The hard emotional times are found deep within
I keep those memories concealed in the dark corners.
I  enjoy the silence and feel sheltered in my cabin.
In my journal I find the freedom to explore my inner fears.
I can take the candle to the dark corners only if I choose.
Yes there are times I will do just that.
With pen in hand I start a fire that draws me in
I seek understanding as my memories warm the room
My journal is a private place where I go to warm my soul.
I love your use of  fire as an analogy for insight journaling. Bringing light to the darkness, within and without is so important. Thank you for sharing your poetry Delaine.

Delaine Gately also designed the cover of  Changing times: Women's Stories  and her winning story Mattie's Quilt was included inside along with another story she wrote titled The Little Box.

If you haven't tried to write poetry- the secret is to not try, but just free-flow write on a theme that you feel inspired by such as something said, felt or seen. Keep the sentences short, chunk them into stanzas afterward, and there is no need to rhythm.  If it's possible, write when the inspiration hits, as fast and quickly as you can. Your creative neurochemicals' spark is on your side for a short time, so grab it while it's hot. You can go back over it later. Inspiration is everywhere. I'm often grabbed by what someone says or buy a celebration, happy or sad, big or private.

And, of course, keep your poems coming, or post them yourself. I have others I will share if you would like that. Let me know dear readers.

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Judy Anne said...

I haven't written any poetry for a very long time but this old poem of mine reflects how I feel when I sit down to journal. I never know what will come of it.


dance in her head.
What pleasures
might there be?
Riches unbounded,
beauty unsurpassed,
joy beyond imagination.

But, what —
what if instead, dread
lurks there,
the terrors of centuries
in tenebrous depths?

a fleeting thought leaves
only a chill
Nothingness —
could it be empty?

Mind in chaos,
unbearable curiosity
outweighs all caution;
she can no longer
restrain her hand.

Trembling with
anticipated delight
(or is it fear?)
fingers fumble
with the latch.

© 1997 Judy Anne

jennifer lee said...

found your blog by "accident" because i was researching a gift recently given to me. i have also recently started journaling and i found your post so very moving. thank you for the share

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