Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Creativity Breeds Creativity

opticalillusion I'd like to share my pictures set to music montage with you!  It starts to play as the window opens so scroll down quickly to see it! The cover picture is one I find compelling to look at, so take a moment now to look at it here. It fits the song.

There are two small quilts I made in the montage, my cat, and a Rose Parade float detail (bet you can't tell which one it is!)but most of it is photos I've taken of the nature surrounding my home here in Ojai. The song is by a young man who has written a meaningful and soothing song called "Life is Wonderful" and I credit him in the montage itself.

I liked the song  so much when I heard it, it lwallhangings fall 06 cont 001ed me to build the montage, as I listened to it over and over again. The song inspired me. Creativity flows from one sense to another, from one expression to another, if you let it.

I've not made a montage before and this service  gave us very limited choices, such as how long a picture stayed in view or shifted out was not my decision. This meant that where the photos landed in the song also wasn't my choice, just the order of their appearance was my decision.

This process reminded me to making a quilt in the stack and slash style - you don't know what you get until you're done. I could harp on how I wish it were different, but I am focusing instead on how many times a slide fit the music and how fun the whole thing was to make.

I also like the fact that it IS done. Finally a finished project in a few hours. Now that's creativity at it's finest!

Next I am going to post some more quilts from the exhibit at the Jen Jones Welsh Quilt Center on Women On Quilts blog

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