Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quilts and quilted items sewn in Nigeria to benefit orphans & women

Hi All,

As we move into the gift-giving season, I wanted to let you know about a non-profit organization that could fill allot of your quilting gift needs and help women suffering HIV/Aids. "Women of Hope is a dynamic sewing program that provides income for women and orphans infescted with HIV/AID. We believe in equipping women with skills so they can support their families." Your purchase will support them.

If you want to go straight there, here's the website- and blog

I receive a snailmail newsletter from the Mashiah Foundation in Jos, Nigeria and this one came with a full color brocheur of quilts and quilted items made in Nigeria. The items include David and Sarah Dolls dressed in typical Nigerian attire, fabric (prairiepoint)trivets, table runners, oven mitts, aprons, gift bags, yoyo bags (purses), notecards, cards with fabric on them, and of course pieced quilts for bed and walls.

Remember that next Wednesday, 11/11/09 my guest on Women On Quilts' tele-interview is Andi Reynold's, Executive Editor of America Quilter's Society. To get the phone number and details go to

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PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

You might be interested in the blog of the founder of Women of Hope:

We have bought a few of the women of hope items from the person listed on the blog you reference, as she lives near me. They are lovely items. The fabric is mostly either batik or a sort of woven in design, sort of like brocade, but a soft cotton. I think the word for that fabric is benin. I commissioned a piece and was happy with it.

Kimberly Wulfert, PhD said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience PS. I think the items look beautiful and are so affordable for gifts for quilters and non-quilters alike.

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