Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reminder AQS' Andi Reynolds, Wednesday 11/11 Tele-Interview

Have you ever dreamed of having a particular job, or kind of position that you knew would make your heart sing every day you were there? Andi did and she got it! This interview is for all you who have ever dreamed. But if you are afraid to dream too big or to believe in yourself enough you are getting in your way. Andi will tell us how she got to the position of Senior Book Editor at American Quilter's Society. She did not work her way up in the org, nor does she identify herself as a quilter, yet she has made quilts. it's a fascinating story that gives hope to all of us.

There is a picture of Andi and more details here about her and the topic.  She will be my tele-guest, and yours, on Veteran's day, the second Wednesday in November, 11/11/09. The lines will be open discussion. Bring your questions for her about AQS book submission, authorship, editing, writing articles or a study group magazines, as she was editor of "Pieces of Time" for the IL/Iowa quilt study group before taking the position in Paducah. If you prefer, email me your questions in advance and I'll ask Andi on the call. Reach me at interviewsbykim@gmail.com

Phone number for the call is 1-218-862-7200. The access code is 349853. Enter it at the voice prompt after you call in. You can use your cell phone. The interview is FREE. Any phone charges are yours. I believe the number I use goes to the Midwest. Please be in a quiet room so that when the lines are open (not muted) we can all hear Andi easily.

Please help me spread the word. It's only two weeks away before the holiday rush sets in.

If you missed the teleinterview with Kyra Hicks yesterday, the recording will be Women On Quiltsblog by Thursday. We had a great group and discussion. It was fun with all the input. Let's do it again on Nov. 11!

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