Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quilt of State Flower Embroidery blocks  First, read this post above and the 11 comments with it to know what generated this post.

This post comes to you today with much thanks to recent comments with info and interest in the embroidered state, flower and bird block quilt pictures in the post I wrote last July for this blog.

To every time there is a season! I may walk like a snail on this blog at times, but I do get there. As promised, here are pictures of a quilt from a reader, Lisa Fisk, whose mother has had the quilt with the same elegant blocks that I featured close-ups of in the post linked at the top of this post, hanging on her wall for 35 years!


Thank you Lisa for the pictures and information you have graciously sent about the quilt to be posted here.

The quilt was made by my great-grandmother Ivy Lett in the early 30s.  100% is hand stitched even though she had a machine.  Ivy Lett quilted the Little Boy Blue pattern when my grandmother had my father in 1935, she was relieved when my grandmother had another boy and not a girl since she didn't like the other pattern as well.

(I, Kim, think the enhanced version shows the blocks better, so I have taken the liberty to enhance the pictures, back to their original coloring perhaps. Here is a side by side of the current picture (L) and enhanced (R))

LFstateflowerqlt1 LFstateflowerqlt1enh


Ivy Lett made mostly patch work designs, most of them did not survive her daughter's care.  My grandmother (Birdeena Dooley) put all of the quilts in the thin plastic from the drycleaners to keep them 'good' ... in a closet in her house, most of my great grandmother's best work mildewed and could not be saved.  Only two of her other quilts have survived, my sister has those.



My grandmother didn't learn to quilt/applique/do any handiwork until she was over 50 and needed projects for a club she was in.  Five of those quilts have survived, four of the others almost mildewed to death but were saved by my mother.


Fun, huh? If you have information and pictures of any vintage state flower bird quilts and want to share them, send them to me and I'll post them on Quilters Spirit.  Any comments on this quilt or pattern, please leave your thoughts below. We'd love to hear more about this genre of quilts.



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Great story! Lovely quilt...this is what is so great about blogging!

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