Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Give-Away and 19th Century Fabric Swatch with Purchase, Plus a Most Unusual Lone Star Quilt

This week one set of my Antique Quilt Dating Style are the featured Friday Give Away on Michele Foster's Quilting Gallery here -

Friday Give-Aways from the Quilting Gallery

All you have to do to win is read the post describing them and leave a comment. The winner will be randomly drawn on July 9th. You must comment by next Thursday to be in the drawing. It's that simple. You'll enjoy other pages on The Quilting Gallery too.

Since Michele asked me if I wanted to participate in her TGIF on the 4th of July, honoring our history, I decided to follow suit (where did that saying come from anyway?) and make you an historic offering too.

double pink swatch For each set of AQDGs ordered I will enclose a 9" swatch of late 19th century fabric, ca. 1880-1900. Until I run out of either fabric, you can chose the print you prefer to receive as your gift with purchase. They are like new, in perfect condition from my antique stash.

aqua floral swatch  aqua floral CU

Simply write Double Pink or White Floral on the comments line on the order page at This offer is good until next weekend, July 11 midnight, PST. You can get 4- 2.5" squares, 4- 3" sqs. , 2- 4.5x9" strips, or keep it as one block in your quilt or fabric collection.

home page 20th c Guide Win a set from Michele as a gift and buy one for yourself with fabric included. (left-This Guide is for 1900-1950 quilt styles. On the front is a check list of the main features of a 20th century vs. a 19th c. quilt) The Guides will help you date the era of a quilt or decide upon the style you'd like to make with that great repro fabric you just had to buy!

Last week I gave a lecture and showed about 40 quilts from my antique collection to a guild up the coast. While there a woman from the audience mentioned a scrappy Lone Star quilt from her collection. As Rene Guenthart was describing it I couldn't believe it would be so, but it was! The diamonds in this quilt are pieced, as in several pieces of fabric make up one small diamond, like a flip and sew on a large diamond shape of newspaper, but these are tiny diamonds in a huge Lone Star!

 lone star scrappy full

Rene wrote- It is all hand sewn except the purple border is machine stitched on.  Most of the diamonds are pieced, some are one fabric and a few even have a square in a square sewn into the diamond as shown in the close-up picture. The fabric is very thin. (see examples of the sq. in a sq. at bottom middle and top right of this photo)

lone star scrappy detail

Happy 4th of July America!  Kim


Janet Dykstra said...

Kim, I already have your Guides, so won't take advantage of your giveaway, but...I can give you a tidbit..."Following suit" refers to playing the same suit in a card game, hence, doing the same thing!! :-)
Always love to read your writings. Very interesting looking Lone Star!
You have a Happy 4th as well!

Miri said...

Very interesting Lone Star...string pieced diamonds.

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