Sunday, June 14, 2009

Julie Silber, Kona Coffee, Quilting to Grow the Brain & Social Media Marketing for Artists

Tomorrow night, Monday, join us for Julie Silber's open lines and slide show of her fabulous oddball quilts. The  Call-in info and link is here  at 5 PM Pacific time. No registration or charge.

Kona Coffee is holding a quilt contest for quilts sized to 40"X40". Darn, I have a  lap size coffee quilt I would have entered. How about you?  Kelly Smith let's us know about it on her quilting blog.

Nintendo vs. Quilting in the Fight to Save Your Brain  Which one does the research say save our memory the best? The answer never changes and it blends right into my belief that doing many different creative things is the optimum way to keep your brain young and growing. Mastering one thing over by doing it over and over does not help the whole brain. Different activities that activate different parts of the brain are the key. But how cool is it that quilting is included in the current research!!

If you are a quilt maker who wants to step up to the next level and sell your work or get commissioned work, this is an article full of avenues you might consider. 

See you tomorrow night!


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