Friday, April 10, 2009

Ghost Quilt Show on Hold & Creative Writing Challenge Reminder

Thank you to everyone who wrote me behind-the-scenes and in comments on the blog. I loved hearing your thoughts about ghosts and spirits in textiles and homes, and talking about your personal experiences. But alas, no photos came in for our show and tell.

In reptrospect this may be in part due to Sat. landing on a holiday weekend. I told you I have been super busy and it didn't occure to me until a few people said they would be away for Easter. May you all have a blessed Sunday.

As a result, I won't be holding a phone or webcast talk on Sat. ,prior to my first ghost hunt, but I talked some freinds into going, so we'll have a blast.

Do you want to hear about it? Do you want to schedule another ghost quilt show& tell? I could share my experience and have a show and tell if you have photos to share.

Let's open it up to any textiles or sewing or needlework that have a spirit attached, or so it seems possible to you. Let me know by commenting below or emailing.

TO COMMENT- click on the word comment below the blog post. If there is a number infront of it, taht tells how many people have commented. I would prefer if all the comments showed up on the post itslef, and I have set it that way in the settings section, but it doesn't work out. I love your comments and read every one.
Do you like a Sat. time or prefer a weekday evening?

The Writing Challenge- If you are writing a creative fictional women's story for the writing challenge, we love you!! I have received some wonderful stories. Thank you so much for joining in and sharing the words from your heart and mind. The deadline is April 20th about 12 days from today.

If you haven't tried to write a work of fiction, you are missing a joyful inner experience. let your imagination go, be in a place and time, with people you would love to be with, quilting, sewing, knitting, growing food, writing poems, whatever makes your heart sing. Do it in 1000 words or less and you have a chance to be published and interviewed on my WOQ with the others finalists. We'll have a great time!

Take the chance of risking your creativity, challenge yourself. Make a quilt inspired by your story, design it to reflect the feeling in your woman's story. Send in the photo and I'll blog it. No, I don't expect that this would be before the deadline, whenever is good.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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