Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Charm Quilt Returns

Charms for Charity Contest Michele Foster who runs the Quilt Gallery, an online quilter's blog directory and more, is holding a charm quilt contest this month. Michele lives in Ottawa Canada. She, along with her quilting freinds and family, want to make charm quilts for the charity Victoria's Quilt Canada using fabric squares from all over the world. Let's help her!

She requests 6 5" charm squares (meaning they are 6 different 100% cotton fabrics) be sent to in a regular mailing envelope. Your name will be entered into a drawing for receiving a set of 36 charm blocks back!

Click on her icon for shipping info and more details. If the icon above isn't showing click here for the webpage
This is another historical quilt style coming back to us in the 21st century. Hurry as this ends Dec. 31.

I'm going to cut my charms now. Thanks Michele- this is a great idea. It's easy and fast for us at a busy time of year.


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Mishka said...


Thank you very much for posting about my Charms for Charity Contest. It was wonderful to see your post in my inbox.

Have a great weekend,

Judy Anne said...

Do you know if a regular stamp will be enough mailing from the states?

Judy Anne said...

Do you know if a regular stamp will be enough mailing from the states?

Judy Anne

Kimberly Wulfert, PhD said...

I sent 12 squares and a large card and it cost 96 cents to mail. The size may have had something to do with the cost. I don't think sending the squares folded in a business size envelope is a good idea from here, CA.I suggest you put them inside card stock. Why, because the fat quarter of fabric sent to me to mend the mouse-eaten quilt top I showed on the blog awhile, back never made it to me by mail. We don't know what happened to it.

Mishka said...

I don't know for sure from the US. I know one standard business envelope here was fine to hold the 6 charms. Our post office is *very* strict.

You probably need to send it International rate.

Thanks Judy, I look forward to getting your charms and Kim's.


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