Thursday, November 27, 2008

Abundance of Quilts for the Eyes on this Thanksgiving

My painted flower qlt enhThe Internet honestly I never would have thought I would say this, but it is a blessing. I am about to share with you links to incredible quilt articles, full of love, care, photos and inspiration and mindful thoughts for you to ponder and enjoy over the Thanksgiving break. (I know some of you are saying A break- what's that?)  I could say that too, but I won't. I am going to take a break, consciously setting my work and demands aside for a couple of days. If it feels really good, maybe three days!

I am headed to San Diego to view three quilt exhibits. The main event however is a phenom of avant garde art quilts at Visions. Visions is a juried exhibit. Something like 564 quilted works of art were entered and 41 were chosen. The museum in Oceanside, CA, is tiny, and this limits the number that can be shown. It's a lovely setting and shows the quilts off well. And let's face it, getting your quilt accepted is even more of a coo with odds like that.


Riding on Thermals
by Rose Hughes
Exhibited at PIQF 2008

To learn more about becoming a quilt artist, meet Rose Hughes, maker of this velvet and silk quilt, December 3, on Women On Quilts You can see more of her quilts on this page too. 

So - Take your time, pour a glass of whatever you love to sip, put on some soothing music, light a scented candle, and begin to embrace the variety below.  I recently discovered a musical group or orchestra really called State of Grace which I love to listen to as I work. Few words, mostly heavenly music. Very inspiring. It's published by Windham.  Don't confuse it with their State of Grace 2, it's not as soothing IMHO.  While I'm sharing, have you discovered the exquisite scented candle made by W&M Co.? Wow, scented meets it's match. I bought mine at Home Goods in the Silicon Valley, but it's a chain of stores.  1924 video about the  wool manufacturing process step by step in Australia  crazy quilt embroidery stitching
and  hot to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric   "Quilting with the Past"about making reproduction quilts mostly  Gwendolyn Magee, Art quilter, some are statements on slavery, intense & speak volumes  antique embroidery on clothing at Kent Museum  scroll down and down through the posts to see the photos mostly, but they grab you to also read text. Warning- no quilts, yet.

Marshall county dump quilts

Judy's frugal link

Selvage jacket Calendar Pages  and and Lots of feedsack photos intermingled be sure to click on the Gallery tab to see previous winning quilts

End with and
Oh Well, La La  the Provo quilter  country charm  inspiring story about teen girl helping homeless, quilts mentioned just once  go red  scroll down for location pictures on this woman's travel

I have enjoyed our journey together this year. Thank you for being with me on it. Each of you are a gift to me. Together we hold the thread that forms the circle of quilters spirits around the world.

Piece to you and those you quilt with,



Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I've clicked twice to leave comments so am not sure which post this is for so maybe I won't be specific. I love how you always change your banner and look of your blog. The photo is beautiful. How's that for non-specific?

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Kim, I don't know how you keep up with all of this wonderful quilting news but your work is greatly appreciated! I'm a quilter of many years but feel I have much to learn and your blogs are a source of constant inspiration. Thanks so much!

Judy Howard said...

Hi Kim, Loved your article and list of websites. Check out for photos of the 22x22" patriotic quilts that are touring the US for 4 years with all profits going to provide quilts for wounded soldiers and families of the fallen.

Only $100 to rent the exhibit for your next show.

It's not too late to enter your 22" quilt.You can even use the drop down story label as a free advertising traveling billboard to sell your quilts, patterns, tell about your charity quilting project, etc.

Quilters can change the world--one quilt at a time. Blessings, Judy Howard, owner for 33 years of and author of Heavenly Patchwork books and Centennial Stitches.

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