Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heading north to PIQF

I am leaving early tomorrow for northern California to attend a wonderful quilt festival. They bring in quilts from all over the world, hence the name Pacific International Quilt Festival. This is a Mancuso Brother's event.

I'm taking a full day's class with Barbara Olsen about breaking out of your box and trying something new and arty. Barbara is known for her black and white spiral quilt among others. Before I return I'm teaching at guild near there about my other favorite subject- antique quilts. It's going to be a great get-away with wonderful people, who knows who I'll meet? I'll post pictures and tell you all about the event when I return next week.

Speaking of that, today I announced the first guest I'll interview on Women On Quilts. I emailed those on my VIP list and registrations are coming in. If you sign-up now you'll receive her name, topic and all the info right away. If you want to be there you'll be assured of getting a "seat." Its There are other benefits, besides first notice, to being on WOQ's VIP mailing list. Hope to "see" you there.


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