Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cyber Redecorating

Lately I have been redecorating my cyber spaces. My yen for new colors and presentation is evident everywhere. (The joy of changing led me to two new suits in unusual colors, trendy eye glasses and cutting my hair 4"! )

Take a look at my website antique quilt dating Style. What do you think of that red? Does Turkey Red come to mind?

If you are a subscriber, have you seen the new look of Quilters Spirit? (clicking the blog title will take you there) Do you like the apple green color? I love this shade of green. When we were redecorating our bedroom awhile back and picking the paint I was pulled to this green! I didn't chose it though, it's hardly a restful color. But it is perfect for Quilters Spirit.

Very soon now I will be launching a brand new program. There is something for every quilter. I am very excited to tell you about it... but it isn't quite ready to begin. I have spent many days of long hours and given it a lot of thought and planning. Technology and software glitches are still present. I am working with one beta system, which means it is in the trial phase, but oh my gosh, when it's right, WOW, it will be great for us to use together.

I won't tease you any more, tonight. Watch for my announcement!

Quilters are animal people. Here are my furry ones keeping me company in my studio. Haley is a Maine Coon not quite 2 years old. And Faith is nearly 10 years old. She is part chow, part border collie and part??? They are both rescued animals ( they rescued me) and dearly loved members of our family. They love quilts and leave their hair all over them.


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