Friday, August 29, 2008

More Antique Qlt Vendors

I promised you more pictures of the vendors selling gorgeous antique quilts at the Long Beach quilt show and I follow through on my promises! It seems uploading them is another story completely and each photo has to be repeated many times before it actually uploads. This is taking longer than piecing a king size quilt and I am just too busy to acquiesce.

So, as not to disappoint, I have found a way around this temporary obstacle.
If you will, click on this album
Antique Quilt Vendors

To see more of the quilts these vendors offer you, here are their websites.

Email Sandy White ~

Cindy's Antique Quilts

Mary Koval Antique Quilts

Believe it or not- I have two more vendors to share with you! Since a holiday weekend is upon us, I will blog them to you before you can make a quilter's knot.

Be safe and have fun,

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Marilyn R said...

Thanks for the quilt show! Love the photos!

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