Monday, August 4, 2008

Antique Quilt Vendors at IQF CA

As I said in the last blog, Joyce Gross' antique quilts were the only antique quilts on display at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach CA. However fabulous vendor's booth made up for it! I have never in all my years of quilt hunting at CA quilt shows, seen as many antique quilt vendors at one event. Even if I had, the eastern region vendors brought early 1800s quilts, quilts made of chintz, still glazed in some cases, toile fabrics and pieces of bed hangings from France, and woven coverlets. These we so seldom see en mass in southern Cal.

All the antique quilt and textiles vendors I asked were gracious to let me take pictures of their booths to share with you. I am going to show you a booth from New England vendor's today.

Pique,(accent on the e toward left) was a totally new vendor to me, owned by Julia and Valerie Kelly-Hodenius. Their coxcomb quilt was a little worn from friction during use, but the quilting was stunning. Interesting to me that the Turkey red fabric showed wear, but not the teal or background fabrics.

Their princess feather quilt- WOW- this quilt maker had time and talent. The quilt measures 127" x 131". Her applique quilt has a "coxcombesque" border flower and a compass design in-between the giant feathers. It is beautiful in person, grand and orange. Do you get a picture of the maker in your head?

Pique brought 18th century fabric from France and England on bolts! Of course these are not original, they are cardboard, but they had enough of the yardage to sell it this way, and they weren't cutting it up.

In the photo below the toile on the left is early 20th century furnishing fabric, and the toile piece on the left was made one hundred years plus earlier.Both were made in France.

We will end with a blue and white double weave coverlet dated 1854, no name or region.

Thank you Pique for sharing your collection with my subscribers. You can visit their website at




Janet said...

Hi Kim: How nice to find you in Blogland!! Will be subscribing to your blog's feed, and will keep in touch.

Kimberly Wulfert, PhD said...

Thanks Janet- good to hear from you too! Spread the word in Nova Scotia- your winter months are around the corner. It's in the 90s today and humid. Winter sounds yummy right now. Kim

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