Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quilting Arts TV

There is now an online home for Quilting Arts TV with host Patricia Bolton. I received feedback from John Bolton at Interweave Press (QA Magazine publishers) today, Jan. 10th, saying the station finder will be launched this afternoon. He said the programs have not been delayed and are currently airing in over 300 markets. So let us know what you think by posting your comments!!

For those of you who can't get it in their area (and maybe that's what's going on in LA) they are releasing a CD of all the programs (13) in early Feb..

Click on "Program Notes" on their website menu and you can read an overview of each show. They sound terrific; a technique such as machine quilting, or photo transfer, a viewpoint such as quilting every day, or a theme such as landscape quilts are discussed in a show with a well known teacher in that field.

Click "Projects" and you will get PDF supply lists and instructions for each program and a picture of course.

What an asset this website appears to be for art quilters or those wanting to try it out and learn about it. The magazine Quilt Arts is one of my favorite magazines, in fact, it's the only how-to quilt magazine I now subscribe to besides Quilter's Newsletter which I love and have since the 1970s. I buy other how-to magazines in quilting and various crafts off the shelf on an as desired basis. I've kept boxes of older magazines from QNM, LCPQ, AQS, NQA, QT, TQ, McC, BHG, and some other International ones like France patchwork, Quilt Mania, and Australia's P&Q; they are filed by date, in easy access (thanks to a recent rearrangement of my attic files which placed them close to the entrance that is off my studio- how convenient, if only it weren't so hot or so cold to go in there!). I really enjoy going through old magazines and reading about what was popular when, what was the style of quilting, what was the newest tool, and what exhibits and shows were of interest when. Also, happily, many of the older magazines included history articles, often about an individual quilter who had passed on but left a legacy of family quilts.

Some of you may not know that I had a regular column in Traditional QuiltWorks magazine from 2000 to 2002 called "Quizzing the Quilt Historian." It was a Q&A feature based upon photos sent in from readers. This predated the common use of digital cameras and scanners, so most people sent actual photographs (remember those??) and their quality didn't always publish well in a magazine, which discouraged the publishers. Eventually the magazine was transformed into QuiltWorks Today Magazine by combining two of their magazines and my column was ended then. It was my pleasure to work for them and to date and describe the quilts that people sent to me via photos. Great fun and lots of wonderful quilts are held in private hands.

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