Monday, December 31, 2007

Needled Art Online

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! 2008 will be great is my motto for this upcoming year. I can feel it- can you?

Recently I came across some remarkable quilts made in the ART style, not contemporary, but ART. I see a big difference between the two types, and like them both. I can and have made contemporary quilts, but want to push my limits this year by making some art quilts. So in the search for ideas I found these quilts online and will share the links with you.

An online exhibit of about 15 art quilts by acclaimed artists including their thoughts, materials used and a mini-bio.

A patchwork quilt top made of 2"x 2" sampler-style sqs. made by many women. Each block is dedicated to the memory of their friend in beading, Barb Davis. This quilt is made 100% from beads. Barb's work

An exhibit of merkins which quilt artist Linda Gass curated gets my award for the most unique challenge topic, not only of the year, but the entire course of quilt history! Do you know what a merkin is? Linda puts it into the category of intimate apparel

Dee Clements embroiders old hankies with comic-style pictures and words that tell stories.

Arle Skylar-Weinstein used digital photos to make a layered effect on her quilts. Her quilt offers a great deal of variance in topics, colors, and themes.

Remember PBS will start their Art quilt TV program in January. See my Nov. 2007 post for link and more info about it. And see the Houston Quilt Festival post while there for the link to their art quilt exhibit online.

Cheers to a happy quilt filled, historical year for us all.

Piece, Kim

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