Monday, December 3, 2007

John Hewson Textile

I have some wonderful news to share with those of you interested in the 18th century printer, John Hewson.

In my research article "The Man of Many Vases: John Hewson Calico Printer," FOLK ART magazine of the American Folk Art Museum, (Fall 2007), I describe the 2005 acquisition of a Hewson printed panel by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. This textile brings the total number of documented individual panels to 4. (their measurements vary but average around 30" X 30") Previous to the auction, it was in a private collection in NJ. A very exciting find and now you all can see it.

A photo of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Hewson printed panel is now on their website!

I describe 28 textiles that contain printing by Hewson. They are the only ones known to exist at this time. The article includes several large photos and details of his work, including one quilt never seen publicly and one panel seldom seen before. The first half of the 11 page article is biographical, including new information.

To order the magazine call the museum: 212-265-1040, ext.124. You can view the magazine's article list here FOLK ART. When you join the museum, the magazine is included, so consider that option too.

After viewing the photos, if you realize you have one of these in your closet or if ever see one not listed in the article, let me know!!


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