Thursday, November 15, 2007

Project Runway's Debut

The first night of season 4 on Project Runway did not disappoint. The cast of 15 seem well suited to a show about designing clothing in cramped quarters with 14 other creative competitors. The dynamics are ripe for some good dialogue and interesting designs.

Even though I liked Simone because of her interest in vintage clothes and antique inspired textiles, I think booting her was the right choice in this first challenge, darn it. Her runner-up, who made the dress that dragged another few dresses behind it, at least could sew well and had good color sense. That dress looked fab from the front.

I am wondering if there have been others changes in the show due to the fact that Tim is no longer employed by the school of Parsons. If you noticed, they have changed their living quarters and design and sewing room, and the first competition was different. appears to be a new sponsor, while Tres Somme and L'Oreal continue their sponsorship. Tim looks and acts the same. Heidi is beautiful and perky as always, and not pregnant, currently.

The main judges returned and are well matched to their job now more than before. They are entiwined with it now, they have found their spot in the system and they seem to enjoy it more, in my humble opinion. Throughout the seasons they have made some good points and offered useful criticism, but at times they can be hard and/or blind. There are times when what they think is hip is too far out, and what I think is stunning makes them yawn. Know what I mean? Inviting a new judge for each round is smart; it balances out the group and makes this part of the show less predicatble! Plus I like seeing and hearing from famous designers in the raw, outside of their usual environment, giving their personal opinion. I imagine it means quite a lot to the contestants too, assuming they agree with the opin offered.

BTW, if you haven't heard Seal's new CD, System, it is terrific! Heidi Klume sings their wedding song with him briefly in a duet. Her voice is pretty, different than her speaking voice, it is soft and probably electronically modified. I find Seal's first CD, Seal, to be so fantastic, it is unbeatable. His new one, "System," is excellent nonetheless. If you feel like moving, it's dance or exercise music from the first song to the end.

Piece to you and those you sew, design or quilt with!


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