Friday, November 30, 2007

Lindbergh Kidnapping in a Redwork Quilt

A rare quilt is viewable online right now, but it's for sale so take a peek while you can. It is a quilt of redwork blocks depicting the kidnapping of the Lindbergh's baby in 1932. There are 20 blocks beginning with an outline stitch of lucky Lindy and the next of his wife Ann. Another block is a depictions of men going up a ladder on the outside of their house, and other original designs telling the story of this famous kidnapping.

This quilt is an example of folk art in the truest sense of the word, no pattern is known, and it was made by an interested anonymous embroiderer and quilter who lived in the county where the trial was held, Hunterdon County NJ. What a piece of Americana this is!

I know the owner of this piece and she has had it in her private collection for a long time. She is a reliable reporter and honest dealer. I am not involved in this sale, just sharing the news of the views with you.



Chris said...

Have you done any posts or atrticles about suffrage quilts? WCTU and drunkard's path suffrage quilt?

Kim said...

Chris- I have casually looked into the use of quilts in women's rights and Temperance movements. See my post on Dec. 31 for a response to your question.
Thanks, Kim

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