Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Welcome to my new blog about quilts, anything realted to their manufacture, sewing, fabrics, creativity, and women's lives in the 18-21th centuries that included quilts or sewing. I hope to hear from anyone who visits my Web sites: New Pathways Into Quilt History or
Antique Quilt Dating Guides

We can talk about things that are too brief for a website article but are meaningful and educational nonetheless. Anything goes here if it concerns quilts and quilting -- from antique to art fabric -- of all kinds, regions, time frames, dyes, prints styles, reproduction quilt patterns and styles, or regional differences; even books about such things as reasons women made and still make quilts, from the past to the present -- remember Quilters are always making history!

Your thoughts, opinions, and quilt experiences are welcome here. I also enjoy definitions of terms, quotes of all kinds, and info about people who were important in quilt history but are little known to most of us. They may be living in your hometown or have passed over already, but what they did with quilts mattered, and we will share it here. Furnishings and period details are of great interest to me, especially the fabrics used through the various eras and styles.

When this blog can post pictures, then we will. I understand that it's not working very well right now. I am just getting started, so join in and help it grow and fill the gaps, whatever they may be, in the world of quilt history.

Thank you for visiting. You can sign up to receive notices of postings or book mark it.


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