Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Revised:Tennessee Quilt 1840-1900s fabrics

My first quilt posted for sale is from Tennessee, 1850-70s with some fabric dating from 1840-50s yet they look new and unused! It is the railroad block, tied with a machine stitched binding turned over from a pink and white back fabric. This quilt is in very good condition. I would have dated it circa 1880s due to the plaids and backing, but the appraiser gave the earlier dates as accurate. (Since I posted this I've looked at it some more and now I definitely think 1880s circa is the right date. I took more pictures to show the range of fabrics that effect the date. Circa means 20 years on either side of a date, give or take. Some of these fabrics are most like earlier. Price revised accordingly)


The gray looking in this photo fabric, is an early purple, beautiful color.

The plaid and textured shirting on the right are some of the latest fabrics 

The top left is an early printed plaid and top right is an early ombrea stripe

and 1880s c. printed green and white plaid

An early purple print in lower right block and a later plaid top middle

In the last photo you'll see some discoloration in the tips of some of the orange blocks. Dye migration maybe.

In the binding picture above it you'll see a tiny area of the plaid that didn't get caught in the sewing machine binding stitch and also see some hand soil on the binding edge which doesn't look permanent at all but I personally wouldn't wash it becausemost of the fabrics look so new and pristine. But I wanted to show you the not perfect areas too.

More pictures are on my FB Quilts for Sale, Antique and Vintage page

Given the revised date, I've revised the price. It's now  $275+ shipping.  I pay the insurance. Will ship to US only, and use Paypal.

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