Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pun Intended

"If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you're right." Mary Kay Ash

I was born left-handed which should come as no surprise since my father is a lefty. However, my parents determined it was best to train me to be right handed; it would make my life so much easier they said, and so, put spoons, crayons and toys in my right hand from toddler-hood.

In elementary school I had the WORST handwriting by all accounts, turning the paper far to the left so my printing would look like the teacher wanted, or so I was trying. I failed my first driver's license test, a big event in any kid's life. The testing man told me "Sorry. but I have to fail you.... Oh you can drive just fine, but you can't take directions!" This too was because of my left/right cross-over problem, I turned left when he said right and vice versa until this veteran tester was lost! I still do this some times, and even to myself!

It was exhausting, and obsessive-compulsive, but I re-wrote papers over and over again until eventually in highschool my handwriting/printing combo was actually pretty. It was an effort but gave me great pleasure. (This was before computers- I'm not a masochist!)

But today I discovered a skill on the plus side of my cross-over issue - I can sew with control using my left foot on the pedal while standing, which is now my preferred way to piece or machine quilt. I was only using my right foot on the pedal, and it was tiring after awhile of standing. Problem solved with a shift to the left.



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