Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Indigo & White Applique Quilt

Mia K. is sharing her beautiful indigo and white appliqué quilt in hopes of getting information from readers. She shared this info:

" The pattern I have learned is known as "Lover's
knot" or Oak Leaf and the border is made up of weeping willows and love birds facing each other with a blue vine serpentining around the border with curlicues. All of it is beautifully quilted with 10-12 stitches to the inch and it fits over my queen size bed with plenty of room."

" I believe it to be from the 1800 but it has no wear on it or the binding. As you might see, the blues are not solid and I have found 4 different patterned blues. The white is more cream colored like unbleached muslin. Purchased in our town from a man who inherited it from an antique dealer who told him it was the best she ever owned and she told him the age to be 100 to 150 years old. I have searched dozens of books and web sites and have never seen this border pattern any where. I collect blue willow patterned English china and it reminds me of it.Can you help me? I would love to explore its origins and age."

My first impression was that this quilt copied a woven coverlet pattern precisely because of the willow tree and bird border. I would date it to the 2nd or 3rd quarter, 19th century, made in the northeastern US, such as NY, PA, VT, or MA. Mia since said it was bought in an antique shop in Roscoe, NY, and sold to them by a man from Livingston Manor, NY. Roscoe is in the foothills of the Catskills. I'd say this narrows it down to a NY quilt, which produced many indigo and white applique quilts.
The main block is Oak Leaf and Reel. Is it a lover's quilt, perhaps for a wedding, if indeed those are love birds? Willow trees are often associated with mourning and grief, but this quilt just doesn't imply that to me, the willows are not sad looking...but maybe this is not the case?

I would also love to receive any links to photos of woven coverlets with this same overall pattern and border. Post them, won't you?

Thank you Mia!



Janet said...

Thanks for sharing, Kim!! This one has everything that turns my crank - indigo fabrics, applique, and favourite time period and locale. Have to save an image of this one with the hope of doing it one day!

Anonymous said...

I've seen the willow tree pattern in your border and a similar oak leaf also in blue in a book called Woman's Day book of american needlework by Rose Wilder Lane pub Simon and Schuster 1963 on page 96. It's american pre civil war hope this helps Liz

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