Friday, January 18, 2008

Sewing Positions

I recently found a new and formerly unimaginable sewing position that is working very well when sewing bindings onto medium to large sized quilts - I am standing!

I took my Bernina out of it's sunken spot in a sewing table and put it onto a flat large table. I placed it to the right of middle and toward the middle of the width of the table's surface, not near the edge. This makes it impossible to use the knee attachment, but that's not a concern with bindings. An armless chair holds the quilt before it goes into the machine feed and the table holds it as it goes through the machine and out the back. There is no recognizable pull or drag on the quilt resulting from the machine being higher than the table, as I had expected there would be. I stand on one foot next to the chair, with my other foot on the peddle, holding the quilt as usual but standing up I have a better hold on it and I can sew fast and straight much better than when I'm sitting. I zip along with a great view from the top, with my shoulders down, back straight and no fabric stuffed on my lap or over my shoulders. It's more enjoyable to me.

Machine quilters are use to standing up, but it never occurred to me to try this with straight continuous sewing on my home machine.


Maybe I am the only one who hasn't, so I ask you, have you discovered sewing standing up when using your home machine? Do you do piecing this way? I would miss the convenience of the knee attachment and I think my foot would get tried.

Post a comment to let us know yes or no; details or tips are welcome!


Beth said...

Hi Kim, I've stood while piecing quilt tops for quite a long time. In fact my husband built my sewing table over 15 years ago to accomodate standing. I had found early on that it was easier for me to move between cutting, ironing and sewing with all of these at the same level. I have a tall stool handy in case I get tired, which I can still reach the foot petal to sew while sitting. Beth

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

I have used a serger standing up but it hadn't occured to me to try piecing or binding this way. Maybe I'll give it a go and get back to you!

Lisa P.

Anonymous said...

I'm a hand quilter. Since I sit at work all day I don't want to sit to quilt in the evening. So my quilt frames sit atop four step ladders that are four feet high. It makes it very easy to move around to adjust/roll the frame, reach for thread & scissors, etc. Also, I can easily twist my torso in either direction to change angles as the quilting pattern requires.

I also use these frames for tieing comforters (lap robe size 'Wrap Up and Read' quilts for the kids I tutor at an inner city school)and for basting small quilts that I hand quilt off the frame.

Happy quilting!
Alice Hoban
Hudsonville, MI

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